Virtual Fashion Film Festival

Organised around the four elements of earth, air, fire and water, this short, dialogue-free documentary about upcycling and sustainability contains moments of the surreal, including flying garments by Rave Review, and gentle musing on the nature of Swedishness. The film premiered at Guccifest 2020.

Watch the film.

Directed by Jens Löfgren
Producer: Linnéa Andersson
Cinematography: Jacob Møller
Stylist & Art Direction: Jamie-Maree Shipton

Editor: Johannes Ring
Music Composer: Elias Klenell, Melt Music
Colorist: Miles Lembke
VFX/Motion: Gangsters Post
Sound Design: Calle Buddee Roos, Ponytail Sound
Still Photographer: Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn
Graphics: Agga Stage

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