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Exclusive interview for Odalisque Magazine

“We want the wearer to feel empowered and strong when wearing our clothes. We do have a feminist agenda, which is noticeable both in our casting and in our design, where we promote strong individuals, underlining the wearer’s attitude through the garments and how they are combined. The clothes are meant to be noticed and seen, to be unapologetic. In this way, we want to change both the fashion system in itself but also help the wearer to take up mor space and to be heard. Simply put, we want to help to empower women through what we do.”

Interview by Philip Warkander

Photographer: Sandra Myhrberg
Stylist & casting: Maria Barsoum / Link Details
Make up: Johanna Nomiey
Hair: Tony Lundström / Mikas Looks & Blossom Management
Models: Mikas / Binta B, Ida C, Emma Lu, Gantuya, Felicia K Sabrina H, Isabel H, Abena K, Linn F
Sockholmsgruppen / Arifi A, Adiam A, Isabella
Le Management / Heval B
Nisch Management / Sara
3rd Space Management / Marisa, Martina, Jackie
Icons Agency / Alva, Lóira

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